Can Tortoises Eat Grapes?

Can Tortoises Eat grapes?

Fruit in your tortoises will ultimately come down to what species you have. It should only be given to fruit eating species like the Yellow and Red footed tortoise. Fruit isn’t toxic to other species but due to the high sugar levels it can cause upset to their digestive system. Are all fruits safe for … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Daffodils?

Can Tortoises Eat daffodils?

Having a tortoise is almost like having a child, what this means is it’s incredibly rewarding but also quite challenging at the same time. As they are our pets it’s up to us to look after them and make sure they’re safe. A big part of this comes down to their diet and the foods … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Dandelions?

Can Tortoises Eat dandelions?

I remember when I became a new tortoise owner it seemed like there was so much information available that it was hard to wrap my head around things. One of the most challenging things as a tortoise owner is their diet, even now after decades of owning tortoises I still learn new things. Tortoises are … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Cabbage?

Can Tortoises Eat cabbage?

When it comes to feeding your pet tortoise it can be difficult due to the conflicting information you’ll find some sources say one thing and other sources say another. It’s best not to complicate things and stick to a diet with fresh vegetables, flowers plants, and leaves. Does this mean all vegetables are safe for … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Cherries?

Can Tortoises Eat cherries?

As a tortoise owner, it’s mainly up to you to feed them as they aren’t in the wild anymore. Tortoises need a variety of leaves and flowers to maintain a healthy life although some species can eat fruit as their digestive system can deal with it. What about cherries are they a safe fruit? Let’s … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Beetroot?

Can Tortoises Eat beetroot

Tortoises are quite complex animals and require a well-balanced diet full of nutrition for a happy healthy life. You want to replicate the kind of foods they would have in the wild with some added things for some extra health benefits. Beetroot is a root vegetable with a bitter and earthy taste to it and … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Brussels Sprouts?

Can Tortoises Eat brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, you either love them or hate them in my opinion and I’m in the latter. Even though I’m aware of the benefits and nutrition they can add to my diet I still can’t bring myself to eat them. If you’re on this page I’m assuming you want to learn about your tortoise’s diet … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Broccoli?

Can Tortoises Eat broccoli

The fact you have landed on this page means you care about your tortoise’s diet, which is excellent because they need a well-balanced nutritious diet to give them the best quality of life possible. The majority of your reptiles diet should consist of fresh vegetables and plants with some fruits added if they are a … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Bananas?

Can Tortoises Eat bananas

It’s hard to associate tortoises with one set diet due to many different species living in various climates across the world therefore they have different nutritional needs. Fruit is something we all know is typically safe and full of quality vitamins and nutrients however not all tortoises can eat fruit.. and not all fruit is … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Basil?

Can Tortoises Eat basil

Owning a pet tortoise can be a difficult but rewarding task. Your tortoise’s diet is extremely important and needs to fill all the nutritional requirements that they have. As a tortoise owner, I’m always looking for new foods I can add to my reptile’s daily diet to give him different vitamins and minerals that he’s … Read more