Do Baby Tortoises Sleep A Lot? (Explained)

When tortoises are growing up it can be a stressful and anxious time for you as an owner. Baby tortoises are quite fragile which might lead to a lot of overthinking. When is baby tortoise behavior a cause for concern though, like one that sleeps a lot? Let’s find out.

Do baby tortoises sleep a lot? Yes, baby tortoises do sleep a lot, however, it’s well warranted as they need it. Baby tortoises will sleep around 19-22 hours a day, this is normal and beneficial for young tortoises as they need a lot of sleep due to them being in a growing period. While the tortoise is resting the body is able to grow and develop into a fully functioning healthy tort!

In this article, I’m going to cover why baby tortoises sleep so much, how to wake a sleeping tortoise, and some other things we thought you should know so continue reading!

Is It Normal For Baby Tortoises To Sleep A Lot?

At some stage of your tortoise’s life, you’ve more than likely questioned why they are sleeping so much and if they are healthy or not.

Well, the answer is yes, similar to newborn babies, baby tortoises also require a lot more sleep than adult tortoises. It’s completely normal and not something you should worry too much about. As long as they are waking up daily to be fed then it shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Another reason why baby tortoises sleep a lot is that out in the wild they are extremely vulnerable, therefore sleeping a lot when they are young means they are able to hide away from their prey.

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How Much Sleep Do Baby Tortoises Need?

Newborn tortoises generally need between 19 and 22 hours of sleep per day. This is because they are growing and developing rapidly, and need extra rest. As they grow older, they require less sleep, with adults averaging 10 to 12 hours of sleep per day.

The amount of sleep a tortoise needs can also vary depending on the time of year and the temperature outside. For example, tortoises may sleep more during the winter months when it is colder outside.

If you think your baby tortoise isn’t getting enough sleep, take them to the vet for a checkup. It’s important that they get the right amount of rest so they can grow up healthy and strong!

Do Baby Tortoises Hibernate?

Yes, baby tortoises do hibernate. That’s right, even these tiny creatures can sleep through the cold months!

Tortoises usually begin to hibernate in November and don’t wake up again until February. However, it’s not always a good idea for baby tortoises to hibernate for their first 2-3 years. If they don’t have enough fat stored up, they may not survive the winter.

If you’re thinking about letting your baby tortoise hibernate, be sure to talk to a vet first. They can help you decide if it’s the best thing for your pet.

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How To Wake Up A Baby Tortoise

How To Wake Up A Baby Tortoise

Ideally, you want your tortoise’s own sleeping pattern to dictate when they wake up, however, sometimes there may be an occasion when you need to wake them up yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to wake up a baby tortoise:

  1. Start by gently poking or prodding the tortoise with your finger. If the tortoise does not stir, you can try using a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Another way to wake up a baby tortoise is to place it in a shallow dish of lukewarm water. The trick is to make sure the water is not too hot or too cold – just right!
  3. Once the tortoise is awake, you will want to offer it some food and water. Baby tortoises are typically very hungry and thirsty after sleeping for so long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wake Up My Baby Tortoise?

Ideally, you would want your tortoise to wake up on its own accord. This way it’s going to be much happier and less groggy compared to if you woke it up.

There are some instances in which it’s okay to wake up your baby tortoise, like if they are sleeping too much even for a baby. Another reason you might want to wake up your tortoise is if you have medicine that they need to be given.

Be prepared for your tortoise to be moody with you but it’s for their own good!

Where Do Baby Tortoises Like To Sleep?

Baby tortoises like to sleep in a dark, secluded spot. They may hide in an enclosed burrow or a covered place. A baby tortoise needs a hidden, dark place to feel safe and to get the rest it needs.

Do Baby Tortoise Sleep A Lot – Summary

Baby tortoises do sleep a lot and it’s because they need it in order to grow. They can sleep up to 22 hours every day while only waking up for their daily feed then it’s immediately back to sleep for them.

There’s no need to worry about a baby tortoise that sleeps a lot, in fact, you should be more worried if your tortoise didn’t sleep most of the time. As long as they are waking up daily to be fed and given water then there is no cause for concern.

I hope this article has made you more knowledgeable about your baby tortoise and put your mind at ease!