Can Tortoises Eat Leeks? Is it Safe? (Explained)

Can Tortoises Eat leeks?

Tortoises have a unique digestive system and a specific diet that they must follow to remain healthy. Leeks are a popular vegetable and a staple in many households. But can tortoises eat leeks? This article provides the answer to this question and more. What Are Leeks? Leeks are a member of the allium family which … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Jackfruit? Benefits & Drawbacks (Explained)

Can Tortoises Eat Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a popular fruit known for its unique flavor and texture. But can tortoises eat it? The answer is yes, but with caution. In this article, I’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of feeding jackfruit to tortoises and how to incorporate it into their diet. Nutritional Value of Jackfruit for Tortoises Jackfruit is rich … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Honeysuckle? Is it Safe? (Explained)

Can Tortoises Eat honeysuckle?

When it comes to the tortoise’s dietary needs, it is particularly important to know what is safe for them to eat. Can tortoises eat honeysuckle? Is it safe for them to eat? In this article, I’ll dive into the answers to these questions. I’ll discuss the nutritional value of honeysuckle for tortoises and consider any … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Nettles? (Explained)

Can Tortoises Eat Nettles

If you’ve ever wondered whether tortoises can eat nettles, the answer is yes! Nettles are a nutritious food for tortoises, and they can help to boost your pet’s health. But there are a few things to keep in mind, which I’ll discuss in this post. Nettles provide a good source of vitamins A and C, … Read more

Do Tortoises Eat Bugs And Insects?

Do tortoises eat bugs and insects

A tortoises diet is crucial for their overall health and well-being. They are herbivores who require a low-fat high-calcium diet rich in foods such as plants, flowers, and leaves. As a tortoise owner it can be quite difficult to know what’s good for them and what’s harmful, however it’s important to research well in order … Read more

Do Tortoises Eat Meat? ( Chicken, Beef, Pork + Turkey )

Do tortoises eat meat

When it comes to a tortoises diet you need to be sure that what you’re feeding them is safe and nutritious. Tortoises are primarily herbivores so their diet should consist of plenty of greens, plants, and vegetables. However there isn’t one set diet for tortoises as a species that lives in North America will require … Read more

Can Tortoises Eat Squash?

Can Tortoises Eat squash?

A tortoises daily nutrition is what will lead them to a long and healthy lifestyle however some tortoise owners may struggle when it comes to feeding them. I know it’s something that I had trouble with when I first got my tortoise which is why I put this website together so I could help people … Read more

How Often Should I Feed My Tortoise?

When it comes to a tortoises diet things can be quite tricky due to a lack of information out there along with every tortoise species being different which can lead to misinformation. Many tortoise owners come to me with questions about how much to feed their tortoise, when to feed them and how often. I … Read more

Can You Overfeed A Tortoise?

A tortoise eating some greens

My tortoise loves to eat which means he definitely takes after me. It’s gotten to the point I’m even questioning if he has a stomach as he always appears to be hungry. This led me to ask how much will a tortoise eat before they get full and is it possible to overfeed one? I … Read more